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We are learning about survival in different places.  We have been writing a survival guide, we have included information on how to build shelters, how to find food and water, fire safety and how to build fires, any dangerous animals you might come across, first aid and signalling.

We have started reading walkabout by James Vance Marshell which about 2 children that have a plane crash in the Australian outback.  We can’t wait to see how they survive!

Has anybody else done a topic like survival we are finding it really exciting?


Hi everybody – thank you so much for commenting on our blog, we really appreciate it.  Keep looking at our blog because we are going to be adding pictures of our french work, our maths work and we have been making music based on STOMP which we would love to share with everyone.

Well everyone you’ll never guess where we have walked to . . . Hamilton in canada.  Over two days we have walked a huge 428, 538 steps! 

We have discovered that ice hockey is a very popular sport in Hamilton.  Children learn to skate as young as 2 years old and have their first taste of ice hockey at just 4 years old.

Can you find Hamilton on a map? Is there anything else in that area we might find interesting?

We wonder where we will go next . . . .  tune in next week to find out!!!

Here in HMS Astute we have signed up to the Global Children’s Challenge.  We each have been given a special machine called a pedometer which counts our steps.  We then input our steps into the computer and we can go on a virtual tour of the world.  We will spend some time looking at the countries we have “vistited” and try and find out some interesting facts to share with everyone.  Keep checking in to view our progress and to help cheer us on!!

Hello Astute,

This is our new class blog.  On here we will show the world what we are learning about.  We can upload pictures, vidoes, audio clips – pretty much anything we like.  We will also link to other children who are blogging all over the country!!  How cool is that?

Lets see what we can do in class to make our first blog post really exciting!!

If you have any ideas click on the comment box and share your ideas.  Lets see how far around the world our blog can go!

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  • Miss Deane's class: Wow Lieutenant Polley - Thank you so much for commenting on our blog - school is actually closed today due to snow - hopefully will be back tomorrow a
  • Chris Polley: Hello Class 'HMS Astute', My name is Lieutenant Chris Polley and I am the Casing Officer on-board HMS Astute. I heard from Lucy that you had a blog s
  • Aaron: Wooooooooohhhooooooo! we got to England 8-) oh yeah 8-) now we`re in Scotland :) yay :) c`ya.